The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a special lecture on ‘BHASHA –the language of Television’ by Dr. Harish Chandra Burnwal, a veteran television journalist and author on 18th September 2019. Dr. Burnwal, who has worked with IBN 7, Zee News, Star News, and Doordarshan is currently the Vice President of BlueKraft Digital Foundation, a not-for profit organization that is actively working in the realm of policy and governance matters.

He was given a warm welcome by Dr. Chhavi Bhargava Sharma, Dean, FMeH and Mr. Manoj Raut, Head of Dept, J&MC. Dr Sharma, in her introduction, enlightened the students about Dr. Burnwal’s professional achievements and also about his series of books on Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Addressing the students, Dr.Burnwal underlined the importance of language that is used on television and said words have immense power to create an impact on people. “One can guess the editorial policy of a particular channel through the way it uses language in its script and presentation,” he said.

Citing various examples on how a single news story can be presented in different ways, he said the play of words can have the power to change meanings, add color and sensationalize. “In headlines, usage of such phrases as Naagin ka badla or Gandhi ki Aandhi or Sansani khulasa… can attract the attention of the viewers and push up the TRPs,” he explained. He also spoke about how language was not static but always evolving.”New terminologies like Aaatankistan to describe Pakistan or Islamophobia are being coined and getting added to the television vocabulary,” he pointed out.

However, he said as early stage learners, the students should adopt a simplistic style of writing, which has clarity and is smooth in its flow. He also urged them to learn the nuances of the language as the choice of words can make a lot of difference to their scripts. He also asked them to tap their creativity and start their own blogs.

The lecture ended with a Q and A session where with students even some faculty members asked questions which were answered by Dr. Burnwal with a lot of jest and humor. Dr.Burnwal narrated and shared lots of his experiences with the students and kept them spellbound till the end. The students found the lecture very interesting as they got to learn a lot about the functioning of the television industry and how they should brace themselves up for possible career options in that field. The lecture was coordinated by Ms. Mitali Mohanty and Ms. Somya Sharma.

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