With his third book, television journalist Harish Chandra Burnwal tries his hand at fiction

Television journalist and writer Harish Chandra Burnwal launched his new book “Sach Kahta Hoon” — a collection of short stories published by Vani Prakashan. The book was released by Mamta Sharma, Chairperson, National Commission for Women (NCW) at Marwah Studio in Noida recently. Writer Rajendra Yadav, senior journalists Ashutosh, Q.W. Naqvi and Sandeep Marwah of Marwah Studio were also present at the launch.

Talking about the stories that are deeply inspired by his real life, Harish says, “Thestories in the book are the reflection of real happenings in my life. I have lived these stories over the years in my mind and heart.

Then I wrote these stories.” Writing since last 16 years this is his third book but a first on fiction.

The first story of the book is about a visually impaired child Mahadev, who tries to see Mumbai through his mind. Harish says, “It took eight years to write this story. I lived each and every moment of this story for years and only then I wrote this story.” Is it easy for him to switch from news to story writing? He responds, “All the time you are involved in news writing. But, the important thing is to bring literary value to your writing…I take time to transform real incidents into literary form and when you tell a real story you have to face the bitter truth of life. And some of my stories are bitter, very bitter.”

Harish also draws from the times and societies, he is part of. He wants readers to connect and relate with the stories and its characters.

However, his short stories revolve around the news channels.

Harish has earlier written two books. His book “Television Ki Bhasha” was on the language used by television news channels and intends to translate his latest book into English. He also wants to turn them into film scripts.


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